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It has to feel right!

PackSynergy is not a one-day wonder. Our members display great dedication and long-term commitment in trustful partnerships that bring benefits for each partner and their respective customers.

Who is right for our Group?
  • We are on the lookout for packaging wholesalers specialized in transport packaging who enjoy a strong position in selected regions.
  • Potential partners should embrace a similar strategy to all our other member companies. We are more than simply an "association of members" - we are an active business community.
  • The ability to work well together on a professional and personal level is especially important to us.

You and your company are right for PackSynergy if:
  • You are a packaging wholesaler operating in Europe.
  • You are an independent company not tied to any big organization. Sole proprietorships, trading companies under the German Commercial Code and corporations are eligible.
  • You are a market leader in your particular region.
  • You are not a direct competitor of another PackSynergy partner.
  • Classic wholesale / transport packaging forms the mainstay of your business.
  • You are in a position to contribute potential synergies to the community and are willing to engage in a trustful partnership.
If these criteria apply to you, please fill out our PackSynergy form.
We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.